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Senior Scams and Identity Theft Protection – Next session (Thursday, August 4th, 1 PM at Robert S. Long Apartments)

Senior scams

Bronce Perez Matos, Community Outreach Coordinator for the New York State Department of Consumer Protection, provided¬† a free interactive public presentation (approximately 1-hour in duration) on “Senior Scams and Identity Theft Protection” in the Community Room at Lakeview Towers (34 Flynn Avenue) at 10 AM on Friday, July 22nd.

The presentation included information on current scams (IRS telephone calls, free cruises, grandchild in trouble) as well as other strategies the scammers use such as ‘shoulder surfing’ and ‘spear phishing’. Light refreshments and hand-outs were provided.

Bronce is scheduled to provide the presentation again on Thursday, August 4th at 1:00 PM in the Community Room at Robert S. Long Apartments at 39 Oak Street, Plattsburgh. Registration is not required for this informative free event. Mark your calendar and we will see you on August 4th!