PHA Board of Commissioners

The PHA Board of Commissioners
The Plattsburgh Housing Authority Board of Commissioners is made up of seven members.  Five members are appointed by the Mayor and serve five year terms.  There are two Resident Commissioners who are elected by the residents of the Authority and serve two year terms.  At the Board’s annual meeting, held in July, the Commissioners elect a Chair and Vice-Chair.  The Commissioners are the governing officers of the Authority.  Their responsibilities include setting policies governing the operations of the Authority; charting the direction of current and future programs and development; and approving contracts entered into by the Authority.  The Board of Commissioners hires the Executive Director who serves as Board Secretary and is responsible for managing the Authority’s day-to-day operations.

The current members of the Board of Commissioners are:
James Barcomb, Acting Chair
Alice Heckard, Commissioner 
Clayton Morris, Commissioner
Donna Parkinson, Commissioner
Kt Teaney, Commissioner
Karen Zylinski, Resident Commissioner

The Plattsburgh Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners conducts regular Meetings on the
third Wednesday of each month.  Meetings begin at 1:00pm and take place at the
Authority’s Administrative Offices, 4817 South Catherine St., Plattsburgh, New York.

Live Stream
Click the link below to live stream meetings of the PHA Board.
PHA Board Meetings