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Community Law Enforcement Officer:  Shane Perrotte

Ted K. Center – 8 Tyrell Avenue – Police Office (518) 563-3411

Hours:  8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.

Police Department:  (518) 563-3411

Community Police Officer Roles and Responsibility
  • To protect public housing residents from crime and drug related activities.
  • To respond to resident complaints and hold conflict resolution meetings.
  • Maintain communication with residents to establish common trust between police and public; to host community forums to facilitate this process.
  • Provide additional law enforcement services to public housing developments above baseline municipal services.
  • Act as a liaison to other community services such as DSS, CPS, Mental Health, etc.
What can I do to help foster neighborhood safety?
  • Report all crime and drug activities.
  • Report suspicious people and vehicles.
  • Report lease violations to Housing Authority management.
  • Maintain a clean and secure residence. Be sure to protect your property and family by locking your doors when not home! Report broken windows and doors to PHA. Keep personal property secure.
  • Maintain communication with Community Police Officer.
  • Participate in Neighborhood Watch Program.