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Plattsburgh Housing Authority
Schedule of Charges
Effective April 1, 2023

Repairs/Maintenance Reporting

IMMEDIATE REPORTING is required. There is no charge for normal wear and tear maintenance that is promptly reported to the Plattsburgh Housing Authority.

Breakage, Damage, Loss, Resident Negligence

Charges shall be the cost of the materials and labor. The labor rate (base pay hourly rate plus benefits) is currently $35 per hour and subject to adjustments based on labor contracts. Please be reminded that do-it-yourself repairs frequently create extra charges. Hiring repairs done is more expensive than the PHA doing the repairs.

Unauthorized Coverings, Wallpaper, Paint, Contact Paper

Unauthorized use of these products will be charged against your security deposit at $50 per room.

Keys Dropped in Elevator Shaft

Resident will be charged the fee charged to the PHA by the elevator contractor.

Mowing Lawns

Upon the resident having been put on notice, resident shall be charged $35.

Refuse / Garbage Removal

For removal of trash carts from sidewalks and placement in proper storage place the day following pickup, residents will be charged for not complying with sanitation pickup requirements a minimum of $20 plus $3 per bag, in addition landfill fees with fuel costs will be applied for items remaining after move-out.


Extermination when residents are at fault and/or fail to report the problem shall be charged actual labor cost and supplies (minimum charge $65).

Duplicate Keys
Apartment $3.00
Mailbox $3.00
During Business Hours $10.00
After Business Hours (weekdays & Saturdays) $50.00
(Sundays & Holidays) $65.00
Resident Request Lock Change
No Damage $33.00
Unauthorized Animals
1st Warning $25.00
2nd Warning $50.00
3rd Warning Eviction
Stove Drip Pans
6-inch $3.00
8-inch $4.00
Crisp Drawer Top $50.00
Flooring (Plus Labor)
Tile (each) $1.00
Market Price + Labor $ –.—
Heaters (Plus Labor)
4 Ft. Heater $45.00
New Control (Small) $47.00
Adapter $49.00
Screen (Includes Labor)
All Screens $20.00
Complete Screen w/ Frame $20.00
Fiberlux Screen $20.00
Interior Lauan Door Slabs (Plus Labor)
24 Inch $59.00
28 Inch $63.00
30 Inch $65.00
32 Inch $67.00
36 Inch $69.00
Exterior Doors (Plus Labor)
Storm Doors (Plus Labor)
Storm Door Closure $25.00
Latch $9.00
Toilet (Plus Labor)
Replacement Toilet $170.00
Toilet Seat (Standard) $10.00
Toilet Seat (Elongated) $14.00
Bathroom Window Operator (Plus Labor)
Shower Rod $4.00
Paint (Plus Labor)
Parchment per Gallon $20.00
Gripper Primer per Gallon $25.00
Bin Primer per Gallon Market
Bin Primer Spray Market
Zarn Cart Market
Blue Bin $25.00
Lock Sets (Plus Labor)
Dead Bolt Market
Privacy Lock $11.00
Passage Set $11.00
Air Conditioner Installation
A/C Installed $25.00
Each Additional A/C Installed $15.00
Inspection Fee $10.00
Verification Fee $20.00
Monthly A/C Utility Charge (Lakeview/RS Long/HB Sterns) $12.00
Smoke Detector Reactivation $50.00
Storage After Move-out $60.00
Serving Fee

Monthly Excess Utility charge