Wonder what job you would like?

Wonder what job you would like?

If you have ever wondered what career would fit your personality or what you might be good at, check this out!

It is a link to an online career assessment through New York State. Just click here and then click the red banner that reads, “Take the online career assessment to get started!”: http://mygpsforsuccess.com/

One you complete the assessment, reach out to OneWorkSource and start taking steps toward a new career!

FREE Rabies Clinic in City of Plattsburgh (Tuesday, December 5th)

The Clinton County Department of Health will be holding a FREE Rabies Clinic for dogs, cats, and ferrets on Tuesday, December 5th from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The clinic will be held at the City of Plattsburgh Department of Public Works (DPW) Building located at 215 Idaho Avenue, Plattsburgh.

Below is more information:

December 5 Rabies Clinic