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Scholarship Application!

If you are attending or plan to attend a college, a technical, vocational or other training program for the academic year 2016 and are a resident of the Plattsburgh Housing Authority or participant in the HCV program, you are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Application Procedure

  1. Obtain and complete an application. Applications may be obtained at the Ted K Community Center, at the PHA main office or on the PHA website (Scholarship Application).
  2. Obtain two letters of recommendation.
  3. Write an essay (maximum of 1,000 words) explaining why you are deserving of a scholarship.
  4. Obtain high school and college transcripts. (Successful completion of at least one semester of post high school classes is preferred not mandatory.)
  5. Complete your application process and return it to the Ted K Center or the PHA main Office by Friday, November 13, 2015.


Selection Criteria

The scholarship committee will consider among other factors the following when selecting recipients:

  1. Financial need as determined by the costs of college attendance compared with an applicant’s household income and other financial factor’s.
  2. Prior academic performance, personal achievements.
  3. Commitment to and demonstrated potential for success in college, technical or vocational school.